HTF Sample Analysis Kit


Using heat transfer fluid, for extended periods at high temperature, will cause it to thermally degrade and eventually it will need to be replaced. Routine testing will help extend the life of your fluid and reduce maintenance and capex costs.
Frequent testing and analysis will also help quantify the extent of flammable decomposition products in the heat transfer fluid in order to understand the risk they present to the health and safety of the plant and to define interventions to mitigate the risk.

Heat Transfer Fluid Sample Kit

The sample drawing kit provides everything you need to draw a representative, hot, circulating, closed heat transfer fluid sample in preparation for laboratory analysis.

What the Heat Transfer Fluid Drawing kit includes:

  • Instructions to safely draw a hot representative sample
  • A sample device to safely draw a representative sample
  • Hanson fitting valve to connect to your sample point
  • Containers to decant and return your fluid sample to us
  • Return labels for the containers
  • Hard wearing storage and transportation case

Heat Transfer Fluid testing and analysis

The heat transfer fluid analysis service includes a suite of 11 tests, undertaken in our lab. The tests include (but are not limited to):

Total Acid Number
Carbon Residue
Closed Flash
Open Flash
and, Fire Point

the results of the tests are used to determine the heat transfer fluid condition and any changes which could affect system health and safety or impact process efficiency, resulting in increased energy consumption and high capex costs.

Your Heat Transfer Fluid Results and Report

A simple traffic light system shown on the report (green represents a satisfactory condition and red highlights a caution) details any risk to the safety of the plant (and personnel) as well as interventions required to improve heat transfer fluid condition and extend the operating life of your fluid and system.

You will receive an electronic copy of your report and a member of the technical team will contact you to discuss the results of your heat transfer fluid analysis and advise you of next steps required to manage the fluid.

On-site heat transfer fluid training and heat transfer system training can be provided for your engineering, operations and health and safety team.