Cleaning & Flushing Fluid

Globaltherm C1®  Heat Transfer Thermal Fluid Cleaner

Unique Cleaning agent for both flushing and cleaning Heat Transfer Systems

Using Globaltherm® C1

Globaltherm® C1 is a dual action flushing and cleaning fluid that will remove potentially harmful contaminants including; old/oxidised residual fluids, carbon deposits, loose debris, water and volatile light ends from your heat transfer system.

The Cleaning and Flushing Power of Globaltherm® C1

Globaltherm® C1 is designed to remove harsh by-products of synthetic and mineral based thermal fluids. It displaces and flushes out waste to leave a clean and safe system, ready to accept a fresh charge of thermal fluid.

  • Use Globaltherm® C1 to maintain a safer system environment 

  • Use Globaltherm® C1 to maximise performance and service of flushed or cleaned thermal fluid 

  • Use Globaltherm® C1 to dissolve sludge and flush and clean your system without reduction of production time and output

  • Use Globaltherm® C1 to reduce downtime

  • Use Globaltherm® C1 before recharging a system to ensure optimum efficiency and maximum performance.

Globaltherm® C1 is also recommended to clean and flush brand new systems before the initial fill to purge the system pipes of any minerals, lacquers or residual minerals or lacquers that have settled since the thermal fluid system was constructed.

  • Globaltherm®C1 is compatible with most heat transfer fluids

  • Globaltherm® C1 restores system performance

  • Globaltherm® C1 cleans and flushes heat transfer fluid systems

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