Marine applications require the use of heat transfer fluids that are specifically designed to work to the correct temperatures.


Operating Range

-10°C to

14°F to

High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid


  • Globaltherm™ M is a high performing energy efficient heat transfer fluid for use in asphalt applications. It is also used in all kinds of industrial manufacturing processes, including laundries, which require consistent operating temperatures.

  • Globaltherm™ M for high performance and continuous service

  • Globaltherm™ M is made from highly refined base stocks

  • Globaltherm™ M thermal fluid has excellent thermal and oxidation stability ensuring consistent operation at high temperatures for extended periods

  • Globaltherm™ M provides good thermal conductivity and low viscosity

  • Globaltherm™ M requires limited pumping energy due to its high heat transfer rates

  • Globaltherm™ M provides low vapour pressures at elevated temperatures

  • Globaltherm™ M ensures greatly reduced evaporation

  • Globaltherm™ M ensures vapour lock and cavitation and eliminates the need for high pressure piping and equipment

  • Globaltherm™ M used fluid may be disposed of through a number of environmentally acceptable
    methods, such as used oil recycling or heavy fuels burning

Globaltherm™ M is available in the following quantities;


1000 litre IBC208 litre barrelBulk
Globaltherm™ M
-10°C  - 320°C (14°F - 608°F)TickTickTick


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