Food Industry

Food and beverage processing requires the use of specific heat transfer fluids that are non-toxic in case of incidental contact.

Food And Beverage Industry

Operating Range

-20°C to

-4°F to

Globaltherm™ FG is a non-toxic, efficient food grade heat transfer fluid that is safe to use in speciality chemical manufacture, food processing plants and pharmaceutical processing in case of incidental contact with manufactured products

  • Globaltherm™ FG operating temperature ranges from -20°C  to 326°C (-4°F to 619°F)
  • Globaltherm™ FG is an NSF HT1 accredited food grade thermal fluid
  • Globaltherm™ FG thermal fluid is non-hazardous, non-toxic and odourless which means it requires no special handling and is not considered a “controlled substance” under United States OSHA, Canadian WHMIS or other work place regulations.
  • Globaltherm™ FG is authorised USDA HT1 for incidental contact.
  • Globaltherm™ FG is made from highly refined group 2 white mineral oil and has superior oxidation properties, as it produces smaller carbon particles when broken down. It also has a lower viscosity than a standard mineral oil, making it easier to pump.


Globaltherm™ FG is available in the following quantities;


1000 litre IBC208 litre barrelBulk
Globaltherm™ FG-20°C  to 326°C (-4°F to 619°F)TickTickTick


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